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Welcome to Mount Wilson Ranch, Nevada! A site of significant historical and paranormal interest. Mount Wilson Ranch has a rich history, dating back to the Wild West era, and has been the focus of paranormal research for decades.

The property was once home to gold miners and prospectors who established a settlement and built the Settler’s Cabin in the lower meadow at Craw Creek. The property features one of the oldest standing Wild West saloon and lodges in America, and was considered for the MX Missile program before archaeological surveys uncovered heaps of indigenous artifacts.

Bob Bigelow, a well-known businessman and ufologist, owned Mount Wilson Ranch before he purchased the infamous Skinwalker Ranch currently featured on Season 4 of the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch History Channel. Bigelow conducted paranormal research on the property, and believed that there may be an alien extraterrestrial base, or a giant triangular UFO, hidden either literally or dimensionally underground at Mount Wilson Ranch. Bigelow also reportedly encountered the ghost of a shaman in the Upper Room near the Wild West Saloon during the night.

Since Bigelow sold the property to Jeff, Mount Wilson Ranch has been investigated privately by several individuals and organizations, including Carl Crusher, Museum of Tarot Brent Stone, Chris Lehto of Lehto Files, Chris Bartel from Skinwalker Ranch, and the Re-Indigenizing Minds Project with Native American elders and researcher Roger Cultee and Colleen Gorman.

The investigations have produced fascinating results, including spirit box voice recordings, amplified infrasound Schumann Resonance, video evidence of ghost orbs, and poltergeist activity such as responsive wall knocks and full-body apparition sightings. These findings indicate that Mount Wilson Ranch is a location of significant paranormal interest that could uncover many more mysteries and discoveries in the future.

In addition to its paranormal activity, Mount Wilson Ranch also has significant ties to indigenous cultures. Archaeological surveys uncovered numerous indigenous artifacts, including pottery shards, tool making sites, flaking areas, arrowheads, spear tips, medicine wheels, petroglyphs, and other ancient indigenous artifacts that have been dated through ancient cultures, potentially revealing a migration route dating back to Montezuma.

Mount Wilson Ranch is a location of great historical and paranormal interest, with ongoing research potentially uncovering new discoveries and mysteries. The property’s rich history, ties to indigenous cultures, and potential extraterrestrial activity make it a unique and fascinating site for paranormal enthusiasts, historians, and archaeologists alike.

You can travel to explore the Mystery of Mount Wilson with the current owner Jeff and Guide Carl Crusher as well as special requests to have Skinwalker Ranch crew come as well. Mount Wilson Ranch is an open research location that is available for private groups. Just visit our home page for reservations!


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