Pioche, Nevada

Explore the Mystery

North of Vegas, thirty minutes from Pioche, the baddest town of the wild west, MWR’s storied past includes legends of lost gold, UFO sightings, shaman ghosts, and other mysteries.

Today, Mount Wilson Ranch hosts large groups with special interests in paranormal research, contact protocols, and experiencing all the sights and activities of this amazing ranch.

Experience the Unknown

Before Skinwalker Ranch the original research team including Bob Bigelow, Jacques Vallee, Hal Puthoff of Stanford Research Institute (psychic remote viewing), and others were looking for UFOs, portals, and paranormal activity at Mount Wilson Ranch.

Choose your reservation experience below and start an amazing adventure at the center of all these mysteries.

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Choose Upper or Lower Rooms or reserve all of Mount Wilson Ranch. Prices vary according to group size.
Our Exploration Experiences with Carl Crusher and Jeff MacBurnie offer the best experience and value.

Upper Rooms

Near Saloon and Grill
Enjoy all unguided activities

Lower Rooms

Near Meadow
Enjoy all unguided activities

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Full private access
Enjoy all unguided activities

Explore with Carl and Jeff

Full private access
Enjoy all unguided activities
Exploration experiences with Carl and Jeff


Mount Wilson Ranch Rd
Pioche, Nevada

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